In short my optimistic hopes vanished instantly. Seller to offer discounts, but the desire to buy this car I have gone to the same while traveling back to the beginning of something lyapat in suspension. Whew fumbled on its records, fished Golf 4, 1.6 petrol, 1999 for 8900. Figured that if the seller will throw a couple hundred, then I fit in their money and went to watch. I rolled out another machine, to which in appearance virtually to anything. Went to the station To inspect and negative recommendations will need again no more than 15 minutes. If on the suspension and bodywork comments were slightly less than last time, then the engine again ambush. When rabodayuschem motor in the expansion tank for the coolant began to boil and all the foam, but if gazanut Seller understand that there is no reason to object and died.

On the way back he told me a terrible secret that he is engaged distillation machines from Europe already for a long time and especially not good hauls. Only one reason – they are expensive. And if he is a prigonit, it will sell its 7.6 months and even years, and thus freeze their current assets. A so he takes the car is worse, twist the , tachometer rewind and forward. And most importantly – buy The guys at srt chided me, saying that taking away their time on every scrap, so the mood at me slightly priupalo.