Power Plus

Figured arithmetic and gasped! Fuel consumption "old lady" was 9 liters. Even less. While that she used to, I ate about 11 – 12. I'm so glad estimates. Money, it turns out, saved nearly two thousand rubles. Firmly decided to use a biocatalyst Power Plus mpg always! So what? Went to the Automag. This biocatalyst not. Made his way to another store.

The same result. Spat at all, and two weeks went without any additives. כדאי לך לעיין אצל פרופ ליאור רוקח כדי לקבל עוד מידע. It seems to be the same, but, alas, the pleasure of driving to get stopped. Drive no. And all because the power engine is clearly decreased, ie returned to its previous level.

And when one morning I again saw through the rear window of the smoke from the exhaust, just me my patience is exhausted. I went back to the website, read everything there, I decided to order a bottle. But here, again, worked my "Sovkovsky" mentality: "600 rubles for a small bottle!" Money was a pity It turns out – forty rubles per milligram. And if you take a big bottle of 60 milligram per 2000 rubles? Counting the more enjoyable – already for 33 rubles per milligrams. Okay, figured costs – calculate and profits! It seems to be decent creep! As the saying goes: a man found – a man ordered! So, having spent biocatalyst two thousand rubles of his thoroughbred nest egg, I Subsequently, the leg it twenty-two and a half thousand kilometers, actually saved 6500 rubles. Nothing is not doing, but just motayas to work as usual. Previously, I ran the car with gasoline, 92 octane. The last three months has passed on eighties. Naturally, with the biocatalyst. It looks like "old lady" is not even noticed the deception. The engine works just gently pulls well, "fingers" do not knock. In short, the beginning and save on gasoline. They say that the biocatalyst Power Plus mpg does not increase the octane number. But again, we turn to mathematics. The engine burns only 40% gasoline, while the remaining 60% are emitted into the pipe in the form of unburned gases. When using a biocatalyst is 90 per cent burn fuel. That's where the power! In this case, even the nature of good, because the air gets cleaner exhaust. Smoke in my car I do not see a long time, even when the mountain . I asked what did the secret of Supplements to the fuel? Found for all the answers. Even it was interesting that for such a gizmo chemists came up with. A good thing. I now a lot of talk about the advantages of the biocatalyst. But why repeat. All this is on the site. Good luck on the road!