Protect Against Unauthorized Foreign Car

First question arises, where to install? When buying a car? You will be encouraged to supply anti-theft system from an authorized dealer. Otherwise you may withdraw from the guarantee. Know it's not legal. The dealer can not require that the machine is serviced only from them. You can install additional equipment in any certified service station and they do not have the right to shoot you with a guarantee. The downside is that their rights can be defended only through the courts.

The biggest drawback at the dealers, it's high prices. So you decide to pay triple the price in the official, or put in another place, hoping for the quality of imported cars. You can of course in case of failure to prove their rights in court or through an independent examination, but it's wasted time and money. In principle, the dealer stations operate high-class specialists, although they do not bother blocking. Gasoline pump, or break supply unit injectors.

Hopefully on a regular immobilizer, you should not. Believe me, if people are going to hijack foreign cars, they know how to disable it, and very quickly. Now look at what you need to put to maximum protect your car against theft. First of all, if the machine is equipped with standard remote signaling, then put another, even with feedback, does not matter. Check whether you have jammers can be read way. Dip the glass driver puts the car in the protection of regular charm and wait 40 seconds.